The Truck-load List

Why do we have to put it in a bucket? There are so many things I want to do and see in life, and opportunities to conquer those desires are few and far between. My life has consisted of a lot of “I want” instead of “I have done,” and this blog started as almost a half-push to get my ass going.

travel, states
This is the saddest visit map I’ve ever seen. Add California, Arizona and Texas if you want to count ages 0-1 years.
  • Australia, Philipenes, Galapagos, Brazil, Ireland, Greece, Italy (again), Spain (Again), too many to count. Don’t even get me started on the States. All of them, starting with Alaska. National Parks, State Parks, I want to see it all.
  • Skydiving – this is happening. I just so happen to know a guy…
  • Waterfall Hunting, everywhere. I will hit Rickets Glen, PA and Blackwater Falls, WV this summer.
  • Snorkeling… I would love to scuba but I am terrified of sharks. Need to do it now. Thank you media.
  • And of course, ski (or snowboard) unlimited powder runs all over the West, North and into Canada.
  • Bonnaroo. See Pearl Jam live. See a festival out of the country. A DJ Koze show. Beardyman live.
  • Ride a cutting horse. Compete in reined cowhorse competition. Show at Congress. Wait… own a horse.
  • Turn any children I have into little rippers immediately.
waterfall, nature, ice, winter
A Frozen Cucumber Falls – Ohiopyle, PA
trail, hike, trees, outdoors, woods
View from McCune Trail – Sugarloaf, PA

I can’t even fit most of my adventure dreams and travel lists into one bucket. I don’t even have one genre of bucket. Travel, adventure sports, horses, music… It’s all over the place. How can you ask me to fit THIS into a bucket? It’s a truckload.

Meadow Run, Ohiopyle

3-Miles, Easy-Moderate Hiking in Ohiopyle State Park

With the trailhead right before the heart of Ohiopyle, Meadow Run is easily one of my favorite after-work loops. The trail provides access to fantastic views of Cascades as well as a nice place to sit and hang out at Flat Rock, and connects to Cucumber Falls and the waterslides if you’re with friends. This trail also leads to some great spots for fishing. I don’t fish, but I the parking lot is full on the first day of trout season and I usually run into someone in waders, so I assume there’s good spots.

Hiking Meadow Run Trail, Ohiopyle State Park

Flat Rock Ohiopyle State Park Hike
Flat Rock

None-the-less, the trail is absolutely beautiful and the loop takes a little over an hour or so to finish. I take the middle branch to begin, there’s a slight downhill grade in that will get you access to the water, and then it turns and gives you a nice workout at the end, uphill. Worth it, though, because you get this little snippet of beauty:

waterfall, state park, hike, cascades

The Cascades!

After this spectacle you take a right (there’s rocks marking your way) and start uphill to begin the last bit of the hike, passing the climbing area as you go. You’ll end up back at your car refreshed and happy.