Wisp Review: The Start of Something Good

Wisp Review: The Start of Something Good

First day out on the slopes and it was oh so good! I am starting to love Wisp. It has a decent amount of terrain and little “hideaways” which are just sections of the mountain that people don’t usually go.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Stuck between holiday weekends and following an absolutely freezing Saturday, this place was EMPTY. I am talking ski right onto the chairlift as a single rider no lines. It was great! The cold temps paired with rare early east coast snow storms left the conditions basically perfect for early season. Dare I say, “no ice?”

I would call this mountain entirely “intermediate.” If you look at the map, it’s pretty blue and the rest of the terrain difficulty is pretty in-line with that. Warm up on the front facing blues, take down under over to chair 5 for a couple laps and then head over to North Camp on the opposite side – it’s awesome, especially on an east coast powder day. 

Trail Maps

Wisp Resort Trail Map

Chair 5 Area

These will get you the best turns on any day if you are an experienced skier. I think an intermediate skier can be pushed this way and excel here if he or she has to keep up with friends. Down Under is a fun run but keep your speed as it flattens out for a good bit a the bottom.

Wisp Trail Map - Chair 5
North Camp

I found my way last year on a busy day right after it snowed 26″ in January. The mountain was crowded, but I happened upon North Camp which gave us ungroomed terrain and unlimited powder day fun – and I was there with the same type of people! No lines at chair 7 the last two Sundays I’ve been here… I could see it happening, though.

Wisp Trail Map - North Camp Area
Final Thoughts

All in all, I will choose to go here more often. I was a Seven Springs warrior for a long time but nowadays you will find me at Wisp most likely. Recommend for families and groups of friends that have a range of abilities – they will all have fun together at Wisp Resort.

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A Pow Day in Maryland

I now know what the true meaning of “it’s dumping” means. We got 26″ in 24 hours and there was even more that fell if you were south. It was the most snow in the shortest amount of time I’ve ever seen.

I was essentially stuck. Forget the bread and milk, I headed for a bottle of wine (or two), as there was NO way I was even digging myself out of my parking lot. I did, however, try to ski down it, and realized there was not enough slope and way to much snow for me to get anywhere. The guy pictured above figured it’d be better to go the already plowed route. You live and you learn:

I was finally freed from my snow-jail around noon on Sunday afternoon, when I held my breath and busted my FWD Kia out of the lot and headed south. Yes, south, to Wisp.

I took advantage of the Regional Resort Swap with my Snowshoe pass, and to my surprise, I skied 36″ of powder at no cost. Thank God, because my body was NOT ready for that!

Damn, did my legs burn. I don’t ski Wisp much, as West Virginia usually trumps my choice for southern ski states, but I happened to ski into a section of Wisp called North Camp. The entire vibe of every rider was different here – powderhounds of all ages. The front side seemed a bit overcrowded with people that were wishing for groomed terrain and weren’t finding it, and back at North Camp spirits were high and smiles were big. Lots of conversations with happy strangers and cheering kits sending it off a lip under the lift. All in all, North Camp is where it was at. It was a good day.

Always a fan of opposites, the next day I ended up pretty much as south as I could go in the US… Florida.f999e716-6dc8-4904-a4ae-af34a4311037