19-20 Lift Rate Roundup | My Top 5 Mid-Atlantic Mountains

To celebrate the first snowfall in my area (which happened today!), the first of a few mid-atlantic lift ticket rate posts is here! This one outlines the top 5 ski resorts near and dear to my heart, which ended up including a few of the larger ski areas that I’m thinking about. This year, I’mContinue reading “19-20 Lift Rate Roundup | My Top 5 Mid-Atlantic Mountains”

Lift Rate Roundup 2018: Tri-State / Mid-Atlantic

Check lift ticket rates for alpine skiing and snowboarding areas just a drive from anywhere in Western Pennsylvania, listed in PA, WV, MD and NY.

2016-17 Lift Rates Roundup

Even though it’s raining I figure I’d better start posting some ski content on here. It’s time to switch my mindset into full gear with or without snow on the ground. Last year’s Rate Roundup was updated on Dec 14, 2015 with no flakes in sight. There’s hope still. See below for my comprehensive listContinue reading “2016-17 Lift Rates Roundup”