Only Hike 10 Into My 52HikeChallenge

It’s 19 weeks well into 2017 and I’ve walked only 10 hikes dialing in about 28 miles. I decided to enter the 52HikeChallenge last year and was also slow in 2016, ending at I think around 43 hikes. I am going to go try and hit the goal this year, and have plenty of catching up to do.

52 Hike Challenge came out with some interesting new challenges this year in order to engage the hikers that have completed the original challenge one or two times at this point. Although I did not reach goal, I consider myself a seasoned hiker so I chose the challenge recommended for “2nd timers,” the Adventure Series.

Adventure Series

The Adventure Series is the Original 52 Hike Challenge with some objectives in mind. I have not completed these as of yet. It’s time to get walking!

  • 5 Waterfalls (even if they are dry) ✓
    As a matter of fact, Rickett’s Glenn State Park will get this done and done.
  • 1 Forest (if not possible, go to National Park/Site)
    Dreaming of a trip to Tennessee for this one.
  • 1 National Park, (Monuments, Preserves, Recreation Area or Historic Trail)
    Hmm.. where to next? Not to mention I want to see all 59 National Parks before my time is up.
  • 2 Hikes to bodies of water: Lakes, Rivers, or Ocean ✓
    I feel like this is automatically just done.
  • 1 Stewardship hike (pick up trash or join group to help with a restoration project)
    Join nearby trail clean-up group.
  • 1 Group hike (if you are regular to one group, visit a new group to meet new people)
    Go on a Venture Outdoors group hike! I have been meaning to…
  • 1 Introduce someone new to hiking (on an easy trail)
    I got this, who’s in?
  • 1 Sunset or Sunrise hike ✓
    I have a nice overlook in mind for this, already have tried sunset, will definitely get a phenomenal sunrise!
  • 1 Hike from your Bucket list (somewhere you have always wanted to go)
     This just means I have to go out west again. 
  • 3 Reflection hikes (journal at the beginning, middle, and towards the end of your challenge).
    This will be the hardest, but at least I’ll be writing content for this blog!
  • My own addition – a few hikes unplugged.
    Finally, I need to go for a walk in the woods with my cell phone or camera out of my hand, the whole time. Isn’t that kind of the point?

At the end of the day, this fun social challenge is something to consider for everyone that is always outdoors or wants to take the first steps to get outdoors more often. Plus, if we don’t get to #Hike52, we still win, duh! Who’s with me? What hike are you on?

I can’t believe I took these.

I am not one to toot my own horn. I always am my biggest critic. Today, for once in a blue moon, I am proud of myself. I took something I was interested in, learned it, and practiced. I am a beginner, beginner, beginner, but every time I take my camera out, there is some sort of improvement in my shots. You can see it, even within a week…

I am learning to find the right angles, light, editing, everything. Any suggestions for photography classes in the area or good blogs for tips and tricks are very much welcome.

I climbed down a cliff to get to this next waterfall. Literally, I was using roots as handholds and footholds at one point to climb back out. So that’s another thing I’m proud of. I am normally scared shitless on a new hike. I took Jonathan Run Trail to get here. Right at the intersect of this trail and Kentuck, shortly past the merging of Sugar Run, both of these falls are one after the other, sunk down into the woods, hidden from the main trail’s view.


If you try and do this, please wear the right shoes and go with plenty of sunlight left. But, it’s totally worth it. This is my new favorite spot in Ohiopyle, although it is quite off the beaten path.

P.S. If I had gone up Sugar Run, apparently there is a third waterfall, “Fetcher Run Falls,” probably more commonly known as Sugar Run Falls. You’ll probably get that on my Instagram next week.