2017-2018 Lift Rate Roundup

2017-2018 Lift Rate Roundup

My annual Lift Rate Roundup is back with all the info on mountain resorts in the tristate area. Here’s to the the non-season passers; the forgetful, the lazy and the last-minute (aka me), or the beginners that aren’t quite sure they love it (you will).

Below is an outline of ski areas in Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia, along with New York for good measure. I simplified it this year with all prices reflecting adult rates. Because we’re all adults here, right?

*I guesstimated what was considered tristate so message me if I am missing one of your favorites.


Ski Resorts
Slopes Weekend
Lift Rate
Lift Rate
Season Pass
Seven Springs 33 $83 $64  $649
Hidden Valley 26 $65 $41-47  $555
Laurel Mountain 13 $53 $38  $555
Highlands Pass
Above 3 Collective
72 (n/a) (n/a)  $695
Blue Knob 33 $62 $38  $550
Liberty Mountain 22 $76 $70  $569
Whitetail 23 $79 $71  $569
Mystic Mountain 7 $43 Closed M-W $199 
Boyce Park 5 $22 $16 $250 
Wisp 34 $79 $59  $599
Snowshoe 57 $99 $70  $479
Timberline 41 $74 $54  $476
Canaan Valley 47 $73 $55 $550 
for good measure
Peek n Peak  27 $59 $49   $449
Holiday Valley 50   $75 $52   $760


  1. If you live nearby: Snowshoe is your best deal considering pricing and terrain.

2. If you’re going to purchase a pass late: Absolutely buy a Highlands Pass in lieu of any individual season pass this late in the game.

3. Make note of the Regional Resort Swap Program: If you have an Unlimited Season Pass to…

  • Seven Springs
  • Hidden Valley
  • Laurel Mountain
  • Wisp Resort 

You are eligible for 1 complimentary pass and 50% off any full-priced pass after that, excluding Saturdays and holiday periods. *It looks like Snowshoe is out for 2018, with the Aspen Skiing / KSL Resorts purchase of Intrawest this year.

So there you have it! No excuses even if a season pass is not in sight. You have all the information you need to get out there and burn a hole in your pocket – all for the love of snow!

2016-17 Lift Rates Roundup

2016-17 Lift Rates Roundup

Even though it’s raining I figure I’d better start posting some ski content on here. It’s time to switch my mindset into full gear with or without snow on the ground. Last year’s Rate Roundup was updated on Dec 14, 2015 with no flakes in sight. There’s hope still. See below for my comprehensive list of lift rates from area ski resorts and other mid-atlantic mountains for 2017.

Please note there are about 5 billion pricing tiers on each website. I took the simplest measures I could, finding Adult Full-Day Prices and flex pricing that I am really going to take advantage of this year. Feel free to click to download the full .pdf for printing.

Ski Lift Rates 2017 - ChristinaSkis.com Blog

Ski Lift Rates 2017 - ChristinaSkis.com Blog
(click to download .pdf)

It’s too late to buy, I know. You weren’t thinking about it in May and now season pass pricing is through the roof. But get this, other than unlimited skiing and riding, there’s a few more awesome advantages! Play your cards right if you have a pass from one of the mountains around here, and listen up.

1. Regional Resort Swap Program:
If you have a Full or Unlimited Season Pass to…

  • Seven Springs Mountain Resort
  • Hidden Valley
  • Laurel Mountain
  • Wisp Resort
  • Snowshoe Mountain Resort

Receive one complimentary full day lift ticket and afterwards a 50% discount on regularly priced ski and snowboard lift tickets for any additional visit to the other mountains listed (excluding Saturdays and holiday periods). Um, YES!

2. Wisp’s Sister Resort Program:
Wisp Season Passholders can get 6 complimentary lift tickets at Wintergreen Resort in Virginia, Ragged Mountain Resort in New Hampshire and Mount Washington Alpine Resort in British Columbia. Also, YES.

Good luck and pray for snow!

That Regional Resort Swap is Legit

So the resorts are finally open and (almost) fully operational! Second day out was to Seven Springs. Only the front face was open, but looking at the snow report today, North Face should be ready for the holiday weekend. More snow in the forecast this week!

Sister-Sister Seven Springs Snow Selfie

I went to Snowshoe last March and bought their 15-16 Ridiculous Season Pass promotion for $209 prior to the trip. A three day pass over weekends at Snowshoe is $213 and change – talk about already paying off the pass! A season pass at Snowshoe, or any other following resorts, for that matter, gets you into a really great Resort Swap Program.

The “Swap” Resorts
The Resort Swap Program is available to all who purchase a 2015-2016 season pass from Seven Springs Mountain Resort, Hidden Valley, Wisp Resort, Blue Knob or Snowshoe Mountain Resort.

What You Get
Full/Unlimited Pass holders receive a free 1-day lift ticket and half off regularly priced lift tickets at any of the other participating resorts (excluding Saturdays and holiday periods). Same discounts for Limited-type Pass holders, valid for Mondays and Tuesdays only (excluding holidays).

How absolutely awesome is that?! I took full advantage of this program. Just walk into the Resort Pass Office and show them your season pass, fill out a little card and you’re good to go, for free (or 50% off)!

What’s the deal with Season Passes?
I highly recommend taking advantage of Snowshoe’s Ridiculous Pass promo in February and then take a trip down there that same season. Other great-priced passes offered from the West Virginia resort are the Mountain of Youth Pass (Unlimited -Ages 29 & Under) for $329 while their normal Unlimited Season Pass goes for $429. There’s also a nice Military pricing. Seven Springs can compete early on, with sale prices for next year beginning at the end of the season, but with time-sensitive pricing, a full pass hikes to $589 and a College Student Pass runs for $399. Nice alternatives are Seven Springs’ Super Seven or Hidden Valleys Six Tix options. A Highlands Pass will get you into both resorts for $639 right now. Wisp has great options with an Adult Unlimited pass for $599, Millennial Unlimited (19-29) for $399 and Unlimited Depended/Student (6-22) for $299. You can save up to 20% on those prices if you purchase early. A Blue Knob pass clocks in at $635.

This Swap was pretty much built for me. Now, you have no other option but to explore the area and ski and ride your hearts out!

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