19-20 Lift Rate Roundup | My Top Mid-Atlantic Mountains

19-20 Lift Rate Roundup | My Top Mid-Atlantic Mountains

To celebrate the first snowfall in my area (which happened today, mid-November!), the first post of my usual lift ticket rate roundup is here! This year, I outline the top 5 ski resorts near and dear to my heart. These ended up including a few of the larger ski areas that I can’t stop thinking about. I’m including deals for skiers and snowboarders as well as lift ticket rates, late season pass purchase payoff rates, and the new multi-pack options that are great for those that just aren’t getting to the mountain enough.

Ski Area Map – ChristinaSkis’ Version of the Mid-Atlantic

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that every year I post a pre-season Lift Rate Roundup in honor of the first snow. With a new state, new job and rounding into my final year of a masters program, I just don’t have the bandwidth for full-time snow fun research. So, the 2019-2020 rates and deals will come out in phase posts (someone remind me).

Of course, it’s extremely opportunistic to purchase passes early to get the best rates on skiing and snowboarding this winter. If you haven’t, this table is for you. If you’re not sure of what something means, see the Key below this table.

My Favorite Mid-Atlantic Ski Resorts (in no order)

Seven Springs
Southwestern Pennsylvania
33 trails, 750′ vert
$89 day
$83 twi
$49 night
Don’t miss
early rates…
Super7 the Deal
Super 7 Card = $435
Liberty Mountain
South-Central Pennsylvania
16 trails, 620′ vert
$77 dayEpic Local
value w/ Peak
$739/9.5x3x Card = $159
thru 12/2
Wisp Resort
Maryland Panhandle
34 trails, 700′ vert
$84 day
$79 8hr
$69 4hr
$39 night
$49 Mondays,
$599/7.1x4-Pack = $189
thru Nov 24
South East
West Virginia
60 trails, 1500′ vert
$109 day
(no other)
Redic. Pass in
March for $259
$559/5.1x3-Pack = $159
thru Nov 14
Holiday Valley
New York
60 trails, 750′ vert
$88 day
$85 8hr
$77 4hr
$38 night
Purchase online
& save up to $10
$1060Ultimate Night,
8 night tix = $207

Table Key

  • LLR = Lift, Lesson & Rental, W/E = weekend, ES = Early Season
  • Pass X Payoff = how many times you have to ski or ride at the mountain to pay off your season pass *multi-packs are a good option if you don’t think you’ll go that much.
    Payoff if you purchase early season can result in amazing savings…
    • Wisp – Early Season (March) $279 unlimited Adult 30+ = 6x
    • Snowshoe – Early Season Pass (March) Adult 13+ $459 = 4.2x
      *Rediculous Pass is Rediculous early March Sale at $259 = 2.3x
  • Season Pass rates in the grid are listed at regular rates, if you buy now.

When the time comes, you’ll see two or three more posts with more stats. I am thinking of 1.) listing just Southwestern Pennsylvania resorts, 2.) a post with my favorite southwestern New York, Maryland and West Virginia mountains, and 3.) a fun one – “micro mountains” and the best places to learn. I’ll list Learn to Ski Day deals to kick-off January, to boot!

Now that I’ve set some winter-season blogging goals, let’s see if I stick to it…

Update August 6, 2020: I did not stick to it…

Lift Rate Roundup 2018: Tri-State / Mid-Atlantic

Lift Rate Roundup 2018: Tri-State / Mid-Atlantic

Oh man! A very late roundup of lift ticket and late season pass pricing is finally on the blog for the 2018-2019 season. Resorts in western PA and more have opened up this weekend, if they haven’t been open already! Check out the alpine skiing and snowboarding areas just a drive from anywhere in Western Pennsylvania and listed in PA, WV, MD and NY. The perfect places for a day or weekend trip–just be sure to check the web first for who’s officially open, because, well, that’s going to be changing on the daily. It’s only November!

Resort Map

Ski Resorts in PA, MD, WV

Rate Chart

Notes about this chart depicting lift ticket rates for the 2018-2019 season: the season pass rates depicted here are non-sale, late purchase pricing. Many of these resorts have spring or fall pre-season pass sales where the majority of them are sold (and when you should buy if you’re seriously considering owning a pass). Unfortunately I missed gathering info on that pricing, so you see the rack rate. All season pass rates are depicted as a single person, full access/classic season pass as purchased today. A few of these resorts are listed under Highland or Peak Pass, which means the resorts are part of a group and the passes have multi-mountain benefits. All lift tickets are set as a single, extended or 8-hour rate, whichever is the “most offered” at each resort.

Highland Pass
7 Springs 33 trails $87 $660 8 visits
Hidden Valley 26 trails $69 $569 8 visits
Laurel Mtn 20 trails $57 $569 10 visits
Peak Pass
Liberty 16 trails $82 $579 7 visits
Roundtop 20 trails $78 $579 8 visits
Whitetail 23 trails $84 $579 7 visits
Blue Knob 34 trails $68 $449 7 visits
Mystic Mtn 6 trails $43 $199 5 visits
Tussey Mtn 8 trails $52 $269 5 visits
Wisp 34 trails $79 $599 8 visits
Timberline 40 trails ___ $499 ___
Canaan Valley 47 trails $68 $497 8 visits
Snowshoe 60 trails $99 $479 5 visits
Peek’n Peak 27 trails $63 $599 10 visits
Holiday Valley 60 trails $78 $989 13 visits

Did I miss one of your faves that you can get to with an easy drive? Let me know in the comments. See you out there! ❄

Après Eats: Local Beer

Après Eats: Local Beer

Corduroy, powder, ice… no matter the conditions, all any skier or snowboarder wants after a long day on the mountain to quench their thirst and refuel their body is a big, cold, beer. Oh yeah, when that sweet craft nectar hits your lips it’s like heaven on earth… it’s like new fitted boots or freshly waxed boards on a refill day.

Wait – play this and reread that paragraph: Oh Yeah – YouTube 

If you’re on your way out or just trying somewhere new during your stay, check out some good-vibe breweries and pubs that will help you heal after a long day.


Nearby Ski/Ride: Seven Springs, Hidden Valley Ski Resort, Laurel Mountain State Park
Nearby Hiking: Ohiopyle, Forbes, Laurel Ridge, Laurel Hill, Linn Run, Kooser State Parks & Forests

  1. Helltown Brewing – Mt. Pleasant, PA – Learn More
  2. Whitehorse Brewing – Berlin, PA – Visit Site
  3. Ridge Runner Distillery – Farmington, PA – Check It Out

More Food & Beer: Falls City Pub – Ohiopyle, PA 

West Virginia

Nearby Ski/Ride: Timberline Four Seasons Resort, Canaan Valley, White Grass (Cross-Country) 
Nearby Hiking: Blackwater Falls State Park

  1. Barrels Brewhouse (previously Blackwater Brewing Co) – Davis, WV – Learn More
  2. Mountain State Brewery – Thomas, WV – Pizza & Beer, What’s Better?
  3. Stumptown Ales – Davis, WV – Not Stumped

More Food & Beer: Hellbender Burritos – Davis, WV


Nearby Ski/Ride: Wisp Resort
Nearby Hiking: Swallow Falls

  1. Mountain State Brewery – McHenry, MD
  2. 1812 Brewery – Cumberland, MD – Check It Out

More Food & Beer: Green Turtle – McHenry, MD

BONUS: Pittsburgh, PA

Oh yeah, the city of dreams… er, steel. This town is chock-full of breweries and good eats! I am cutting it off at 10.

  1. Church Brew Works – Lawrenceville
  2. East End Brewing – Pittsburgh
  3. Penn Brewery – North Side
  4. Voodoo – Homestead (I have hear a LOT about this place, need to try!)
  5. Spoonwood Brewing – Bethel Park
  6. Brew Gentlemen – Braddock
  7. Rivertowne – North Side, Monroeville & more (This is a personal hometown fave)
  8. Full Pint – Lawrenceville
  9. Southern Tier – North Side (I love LIVE after a day of skiing)
  10. Bonus Bonus: Wigle Whiskey! – Strip District

Did I miss anything or is there a brew-city in your state? Leave your comments with places I need to check out!

I am thinking a Laurel Highlands wine tour write-up to come. Cheers!