New Year, Same Me

Through all the stress and ups and downs, the fights, the making up and helping others through hard times, I have to say, Damn, 2017 was a success!

Travel: Went back to Arizona to see more beauty of the American Southwest. Added another pin in Ohio to my NPS map. Visited Michigan for the first time.

Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

Weight Loss: Got back to the gym, lost 30 lbs (and gained 10 back but hey, my ski pants will button and zip up this year).

weight loss goalsPhotography: I got better at taking photos!

Self: I am learning how to share my feelings as they happen instead of keeping them inside.

Ski, Fun

Everyone always has the notion that we need to have a resolution in the new year, but I am constantly trying to evolve into a better version of myself. Every day is a new day to restart. Sometimes, I feel that this way of thinking is never ending and I end up putting a lot of unneeded stress on myself. This is just who I am.

With that, I give you my “working on myself” list.

1. Completing the #52HikeChallenge

2017 ended with 32 hikes, 2016 was around 38 or 40 if I remember correctly. Third time’s a charm, right?

2. Keeping the theme of my blog (and posting more)

I need to actually write about each mountain in the tri-state area… and work on posting at least twice a month.

3. Stop texting and driving

Ah, the thing everyone scoffs at but still does. I’ve come too close for comfort to almost changing my life doing this. It’s time to put the phone down for real.

4. Gym & Body Goals
  • Try to lose 4 lbs a month (1 lb / week. CW: 210, GW: 165)
  • Practice Yoga 1x/week
  • Complete 1 pull-up
  • Get my shoulder looked at and fixed
  • Complete Mud on the Mountain, even if I have to do it by myself
4. Career
  • Stay up to date and open-minded towards all of the changes in a digital world
  • Google Adwords Basics Certfication & Google Analytics Certification
  • Act more professional, grow in my role
5. LovE myself a little more

That sums it up right there. Thanks for all the likes and love through the months. Here’s to the new year – and all the success and adventure 2018 is going to bring to us!

Published by Christina

Weekend warrior and micro-adventurer skiing and hiking the tri-state around my 9-to-5.

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