Ski Clinics for Chicks

According to The Ski Diva, and really any girl who rips out there, you notice your crew is usually all-male… mine was, at least. I, very much like the author of that post, don’t have many females to ride with. In my 2017 Ski Instructor search, I was one of 3 girls at the initiation session of one location, and I am one of 4 female instructors at the mountain I chose to work at, total. “Growing up” and becoming the “breadwinner” and “homemaker” and “caretaker” all at once has taken a toll, and many a female drop the skis for the role of “woman.” However, organizations like Unicorn Picnic and sister company SheJumps are really trying to push the rad-chick agenda and get girls outside. The movement is growing, and loud. That is why I am SO excited about some of these ski clinics at nearby mid-atlantic mountains below.

Master the Mountain Series, Seven Springs – Learn More
I am totally going to a couple of these, however lift ticket is not included.

  • Breakthrough: Jan 7 $95 / Jan 7-8 $180
  • Bumps & Steeper Terrain: Jan 21 $95 / Jan 21-22 $180
  • Carving / Groomers: Jan 28 $95 / Jan 28-29 $180
  • Bumps / Trees: Feb 4 $95 / Feb 4-5 $180
  • High-End Performance: Feb 11 $95 / Feb 11-12 $180
  • Freestyle: Feb 25 $95 / Feb 25-26 $180

Women’s Days, Whitetail – Sign Up
Been to a Women’s Day, great day on-snow and to meet locals in the area.
Jan 6, Jan 27 & Feb 6, 2017 | 
Clinic & Lift – $115

Burton Women’s Snowboard Camp, Snowshoe – Sign Up
Jan 6-8, 2017 | Camp & Lift – $279

Head Women’s Ski Camp, Snowshoe – Sign Up
Totally on my To-Do list, but I want to go with girl friends!
Jan 27-29, 2017 | Camp & Lift – $279

Your Turn Women’s Clinic, Holiday Valley- Sign Up
Jan 26 – 27, 2017 | Clinic – $290, Lift – $70

Learn With The Ladies, Seven Springs – Sign Up
Feb 4 – 5, 2017 | Clinic – $195, Lift – $131


Freeheel Festival, Seven Springs – Sign Up
January 28 – 29, 2017 | 2-Day Tele Skill Development – $165

^ Telemark, anyone?! Really, some of these ski and snowboard sessions are for everyone, but who doesn’t love a little girl-power? January is Learn To Ski & Ride month, so let’s get out there! No matter your ability level, there is an on-snow clinic or ski lesson series in the mid-atlantic / east coast for you.

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Weekend warrior and micro-adventurer skiing and hiking the tri-state around my 9-to-5.

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