Hiking in Forbes State Forest

Cole Run Trail, Forbes State Forest
Length: 3 Mile Loop (take the road to finish)
Sights: Cole Run Falls, Blue Hole
Level: Moderate Hiking Trail

I had heard so much about the legendary Blue Hole that I just needed to see it. Little did I know that I had spent an obscene amount of time just 15-minutes away from it through out the summer months a few years back. Well, things happen for a reason, and I finally discovered Blue Hole and the lovely Cole Run Trail this weekend.

First up, I ran straight into Cole Run Falls, as it’s set right beyond the first trailhead. It’s definitely gorgeous and needs to be placed higher up on my Top 10 List, now that I’ve visited.

Cole Run 1

Cole Run 2

Daisy set off on the rest of the hike, and found it surprisingly empty for a sunny Saturday, late morning. I saw 2 couples in 3 miles. Driving through Ohiopyle was completely overcrowded, so this was a nice surprise. Well, halfway through, I had no idea where Blue Hole was once I got to the turn in the hike.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 12.00.28 AM

I retraced my steps a couple times, to no avail. The map was not helping… and thankfully my new Blue Sube, on E (my forgetful self didn’t even look at the gas tank as I drove out there) still had 60 miles before it died. I’d drive to Blue Hole later.

To make this a loop, I walked Cole Run Road for less than a quarter of a mile back. Along the way, I was informed that walking the loop from the front was worse, and it was easier to do it the way of the trail head I just climbed out of (it was a lot of rocks, on a nice incline for a long while). Duly noted, lady!

Well, after I hopped in the Sube there was just enough service to GPS my sorry self to Blue Hole. Aaand I took a bunch of snaps of the thing and went home. Making a mental note to document before I jump in later.


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