I can’t believe I took these.

I am not one to toot my own horn. I always am my biggest critic. Today, for once in a blue moon, I am proud of myself. I took something I was interested in, learned it, and practiced. I am a beginner, beginner, beginner, but every time I take my camera out, there is some sort of improvement in my shots. You can see it, even within a week…

I am learning to find the right angles, light, editing, everything. Any suggestions for photography classes in the area or good blogs for tips and tricks are very much welcome.

I climbed down a cliff to get to this next waterfall. Literally, I was using roots as handholds and footholds at one point to climb back out. So that’s another thing I’m proud of. I am normally scared shitless on a new hike. I took Jonathan Run Trail to get here. Right at the intersect of this trail and Kentuck, shortly past the merging of Sugar Run, both of these falls are one after the other, sunk down into the woods, hidden from the main trail’s view.


If you try and do this, please wear the right shoes and go with plenty of sunlight left. But, it’s totally worth it. This is my new favorite spot in Ohiopyle, although it is quite off the beaten path.

P.S. If I had gone up Sugar Run, apparently there is a third waterfall, “Fetcher Run Falls,” probably more commonly known as Sugar Run Falls. You’ll probably get that on my Instagram next week.

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