The Goggle Tan.

Ah, a snow-person’s greatest trophy; tan lines that mark your face at such a contrast that when you walk into your office job on Monday the “others” think you look ridiculous.

ski, snowboard, winter, tanline
Blessed by Winter Park, CO (Feb 2013)

The 2013 season blessed me with the marks of a true skier, if only for a week. Last season had a different idea… I decided to go rouge and live through the winter without a season pass. Nine different mountains and four states later, I never left the comfort of the familiar Mid-Atlantic. No trips to the droughted west and no trips to Vermont, where it inherently dumped feet of snow until what seemed to be July. Is there still snow there? Even so, I still got a few pow days in. Slushy, heavy snow caked my skis but that still beats hitting rocks and praying to God your face isn’t going to hit the ground. I am a subordinate to Ski the East. I am the Ski the Tri-State area and maybe go 4 hours north, as that is what my paycheck and PTO allowed me.

End of December through early March offers 10 legitimate ski weekends or 20 Saturday/Sundays, without counting holidays. I managed to ski 18 of those days last year. This year there’s a 2015 Ridiculous Pass for Snowshoe thrown into the mix, and I vow to ski and write about a different mountain every week… but maybe avoid the holiday lines. I might even make it to Killington.

Places within 2-3 hours of me:
Maryland: Wisp
New York: Holiday Valley
Pennsylvania: Seven Springs, Hidden Valley, Blue Knob, Peek & Peak, Liberty, Whitetail
West Virginia: Canaan Valley, Timberline, Snowshoe/Silver Creek
Mini-Mtns: Mystic Mountain (Nemacolin Woodlands Resort), Tussey, Boyce Park

What other ski areas have I missed? I’d like to get a Mid-Atlantic goggle tan this time around.

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