West Virginia Ski Resorts: 21-22 Lift Rate Roundup

Snow dropping in November is my cue that if I haven’t made my annual lift rate roundup, I need to. This year I am outlining ski lift rates by state! I’ve also done some digging to include any late-season deals such as multi-day pack options for skiers and snowboarders, which are great for those that […]

A Packed 3-Day Yellowstone Itinerary

A week and a half through Yellowstone, the Tetons and across Wyoming to Cheyenne. One of the first things we learned while there is that Yellowstone is MUCH more than mountains, trees and animals – there is a ton of volcanic action and is one of the most unique places in the world, and I […]

It’s 21-22 Spring Season Pass Sale Time!

I know it seems impossible to think about, but your best ski deals for the next 2021-2022 season are right NOW! Aggressive? Yes. But find your Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Western New York or Maryland ski season pass deals are all right here and you’ll be happy you did.

The Art of Skiing Alone

It’s the middle of winter and I live in the middle of nowhere. I’ve moved around too many times to build relationships with other skiers and snowboarders as an adult. Sure, I had a crew at 12 and another at 22, but relationships ebb and flow. People get scared once they realize they can break […]

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